Saturday, February 13, 2010

Love Is Not Reserved For Valentine's Day

February 14th sneaks up on me each and every year. It's like remembering I have a dentist's appointment or finding out that I bounced a check. Yeah, that bad.

But this year I'm trying to take a different approach. Key word: trying. I mean, it really is just another day. The holiday has no astronomical significance - and even if it did, would it matter? It's all arbitrary, really.

I was inspired to write by something that KarenSnyderDuke posted on Twitter. She said, "Resist hating Valentine's Day. If anything, it should be a simple reminder to love people every day—and tell them that you do."

And it really stuck with me.

If you think about it, we have several days - Father's and Mother's Days among them - where the whole point is to acknowledge your appreciation for a specific someone. For Valentine's Day, that specific someone just happens to be a significant other.

Whether you're married, widowed or single, V-Day represents so much more than cards and candy - it's about stopping for one day to pay attention to the people in our lives who add value and positivity.

Because as our lives become increasingly time-compressed, stress-filled and digitally-driven, we take the little treasures for granted.

The point is: tell someone you love them - or remind someone you've already told. Smile at a stranger. Say "please," "excuse me" and "thank you." Tell someone who's struggling "it's all going to be okay." And, most importantly, tell yourself that life is not about possessions and vanity, but rather about the journey upon which we are all so fortunate to embark.

So don't let tomorrow sneak up on you: face it head-on with a smile - not because you're pretending to be happy, but because you know that things could be worse.


  1. My dear friend,

    As a perpetually single person, I think you should think about the economic advantages of being single on the "holiday", you can save the money you would otherwise buy on flowers or dinner and buy yourself a new pair of shoes (or jeans or candle, whatever).

    Then, while making use of these things, tell the people that you love that you love them. So, Happy Chris day!