Monday, November 16, 2009

The Meaning of "Fame"

Today, Perez Hilton tweeted about an ariticle from the Hollywood Reporter about Hollywood "rethinking the use of A-list actors" in films.

And it really got me thinking: has the meaning of "fame" changed in our culture?

The article cites "Twilight," "Paranormal Activity" and other (relatively) low-budget films with (formerly) unknown actors. The recently-released "Precious" also comes to my mind, with Gabourey Sidibe and comedian/actress Mo'Nique already garnering Oscar-talk for their performances.

But where did this all begin? Is MTV to blame for giving us reality television in the form of "The Real World?"

Or was it CBS' "Survivor?"

How about YouTube? Undoubtedly, the website has borne "celebrities" in the form of everything from internet sensations like Chris Crocker to talented artists like Justin Bieber, whose debut album "My World" drops tomorrow, November 17.

And what about Lady GaGa's rise to super-stardom based on the spectacle of her outlandish yet creative performances? Let's not forget that she started out as a MySpace musician.

The point is: we live in confusing and dangerous - yet exciting - times. Those who are talented and use the Internet as a resource by which to build a following - be it on Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, Facebook or what have you - are capitalizing on the beauty of the Internet that still seems to fall under the radar of politicians, businessmen and housewives alike.

Obama, GaGa, Perez Hilton - the most influential people in our society have capitalized on the connectivity of the Internet.

And it won't stop there.

So who will be next? Is it you?


  1. ...the fuck?

    This makes no sense. Obama, lady gaga, and Perez Hilton CANNOT be lumped together in the same category.

    I can see Obama being influential, but Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton are far from being the MOST INFLUENTIAL people of our time.


  2. Well, if you'll entertain the idea that "influential" has many different manifestations within culture, you'll understand my argument.

    Perez Hilton became one of the most influential people online nearly overnight. A quick search will show you that he has the most influence on Twitter, which was the most-used word of 2009.

    You may want to re-read that sentence again.

    Time magazine is also considering two potential candidates for its "Person of the Year" edition. The candidates? You guessed it: Twitter... and the economy. To be the most influential person on one of the most influential websites on the internet is pretty important, if you ask me.

    And Lady GaGa. Oh, GaGa.

    The record-breaking start to her career speaks for itself. The rules are being reconsidered for the "Artist of the Year" award at the Grammy's because of this woman. Influential? I think so.

    So maybe you should expand the scope of your narrow-minded brain before you tell me to "get a grip" on my own blog.

    If you aren't willing to stimulate your brain, don't read!